Do you know what’s doodling? Yes, it’s exactly what you scribble on a paper absent-mindedly in a boring lecture or during a phone call or basically whenever you are lost in your own world. Since doodling involves your sub-conscious mind, it can really tell a lot about your personality or mood or thought- process. So, without wasting any more time, let’s know about you more.


Do you doodle




Square/ Geometric figure doodle


Well, you my dear like to be in control. You have an opinionative personality with clearly defined goals and beliefs. You are stubborn but persistent and determinant. The only thing you need to worry about is you are very cautious and can become suspicious very easily so start taking things a little lightly.




Butterflies doodle


If doodling butterflies is your second nature, let me tell you, you are a carefree child who doesn’t enjoy staying in one place. You also don’t like to be tied to difficult problems or responsibilities.




Houses doodle


If you have a habit of doodling a neat and sophisticated house, you probably have a happy home life. If you tend to draw a clumsy looking house, you may have issues at home.

Generally, a person who likes to draw houses and boxes wants everything to be neat and in order. (I think my Mom doodles a lot of houses and boxes!)




Figures of people doodle


If doodling people is your past time even the stick ones, you might have insecurity issues. You lack communication skills and always try to run away from some of your responsibilities.




Eyes doodle



Now, each kind of eye has a different meaning. If you doodle big eyes, chances are high that you have an outgoing personality. Closed eyes may point towards your refusal to look and appreciate what’s inside you. (Deep shit!)




Flowers doodle


Well, drawing a cheerful scenery including flowers and sun indicate your content towards your life and how optimistic you are when it comes to your future. You probably are in good spirits while drawing this.

Particularly, people who draw flowers tend to be more sensitive and traditionalists at heart.






If you are finding yourself drawing chessboards here and there, then you must be stuck in a little unpleasant or simply an uncomfortable situation. You might be trying to find yourself or your mission in this life and must be doubtful regarding your future.

Generally, people who draw chessboards are also prone to mood swings. (Well, that’s me!)




Beehive patterns doodle


You are a simple person who just wants peace and harmony from his/her life. You are a family person and wants to get settled.




Circles doodle


You are a kind of person who lacks attention of friends or people around. You crave for a collective group or being part of a team or maybe you are just an introvert who mostly stays within himself.




Stars doodle


Well congratulations, you are a hopeless optimistic. You naturally have a ‘Never give up’ attitude and want to be the center of attraction wherever you go. (Not bad!)




Dotted lines doodle


You fall into that category of insecure and shy people but in spite of these issues, you are still very quiet and relaxed.